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These videos are recordings of actual clients, working through the Restorative Relationship Conversation process. They were made in collaboration with the 'Center for Peace & Conflict Studies' at Austin Community College (ACC). This couple volunteered to have their entire process observed and shared with people interested in the work of conflict transformation. My hope is that these videos will give anyone curious about the RRC process an experiential sense of what the work can look and feel like in action. Obviously, the process will look somewhat different for everyone, depending on the unique circumstances of your conflict, but you will at least get a taste of what to expect.

The first hour-long video consists of the initial consultation that I do with all new clients who are wanting to work on a particular issue, or issues, together with someone else. The following video is a demo of the actual 2 hour RRC process featuring the same couple from the first video, where we dive into directly addressing the specific issues named during the first session. At the end of the second video, there is a round of Q & A (facilitated by the director of the Center for Peace & Conflict Studies) for everyone who observed the process.


I hope you find these videos to be an engaging and helpful resource in your personal journey towards greater relational healing!

Initial Consultation

Restorative Relationship          Conversation

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