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Multiamory offers support and advice for modern relationships. Whether you are monogamous, polyamorous, swinging, casually dating, or if you just do relationships differently, we see you and we’re here for you. Today we're excited to share a conversation with Jessica Fern and David Cooley about their new book, Polywise.


Jessica and David have been in many different iterations of relationship together for over twenty years... They were friends, they dated, they were friends again, they dated again, they got married, they had a child, they divorced, they became friends again, and now they're nesting co-parents who refer to themselves as "poly intimates" and life partners. This interview is a beautiful and vulnerable look inside what that journey was like for them together and as individuals, and how they arrived here. And, where "here" even is.


Sex & Psychology


We tend to be attracted to partners who are similar to us—and that makes sense. But no matter how similar you and your partner are, there are always going to be some areas where you differ. And while those differences have the potential to help a relationship thrive, they can also drive you apart. So let's talk about navigating differences in relationships. In this episode, we’re going to focus on dealing with differences when you’re in a consensually non-monogamous relationship, but a lot of the information is applicable no matter what kind of relationship you’re in. Some of the specific questions we discuss in this episode include:

  • How important is similarity in relationships?

  • How can opening up a relationship amplify differences between partners?

  • How do you navigate communication differences in relationships?

  • Why is it important for partners to do an inventory of their similarities and differences?

  • How can non-monogamy help relationships thrive when big differences exist between partners?

Empowered Poly

We were super jazzed to have psychotherapist and author of "Polysecure", Jessica Fern, return with her co-author David Cooley to chat about their new book, "Polywise" which is an amazing resource on healthy relating. We discuss restorative relationship conversations, parts work, codependency, ambiamory and how Eastern philosophy helped shaped their journey, as well as we dive into their own relationship history. Eye-opening and genuine conversation with two awesome humans! 

Reimagining Love


Intentional boundaries and thoughtful agreements help us ensure that our intimate partnerships are vehicles for growth, mutual support, and healing, especially for individuals and couples who are looking to create relationship agreements beyond monogamy to deepen their understanding of relationship dynamics. In this podcast Dr. Solomon is joined by Jessica Fern and David Cooley. They are are life partners, coparents, and coauthors of the new book Polywise: A Deeper Dive Into Navigating Open Relationships. In this rich and challenging episode, you will learn about loving with greater care and awareness, whether you are someone who practices monogamy or ethical non-monogamy.

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