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Restorative Relationship

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 $175 – 1 hr. Consultation


 $300 – 2 hr. Restorative Relationship Conversation

Because of the intense and volatile nature of many conflicts, most people struggle to talk about their unresolved issues without becoming overwhelmed, shut down, combative, frustrated or simply at a loss for how to move forward. This is why Restorative Relationship Conversations are designed to help you and your partner(s) safely address the issues and conflicts that continue to impact the health of your relationship. The structure and guidelines of the RRC model provides a unique container in which you can openly talk about your conflict without the fear of worsening or escalating it. Also, because Restorative Relationship Conversations are facilitated by a trained professional, you can rest assured that you will be safe as you work together with your partner(s) to create repair and resolution.


The Restorative Relationship Conversation process is divided into to 2 separate sessions. In the first session, which lasts 1 hour, we will get to know each other a bit, figure out what exactly we'll be working on together, and then go over the protocol for the following session. The second session is 2 hours and is the time when we will address the specific issues that you and your partner(s) are working on. The process ends with the creation of a tangible agreement between everyone about what specifically needs to be done to heal the harm and move forward in the relationship.

Note: For partners that want to continue working with me after their initial RRC process is over, I offer shorter sessions at a reduced rate in order to accommodate busy schedules and fixed budgets. If interested, just leave me a message when booking your session.

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