Restorative Relationship

(For Partners)

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The total investment for a single RRC process, including the initial 1 hour conversation, is $425:

The process consists of two parts, an initial conversation and the actual Restorative Relationship Conversation. The initial conversation lasts an hour, takes place via Zoom, and has the purpose of giving us a chance to get to know each other a bit, share details about the issue we'll be dealing with in-session, as well as give me the opportunity to explain exactly what you can expect during the Restorative Relationship Conversation.

The Restorative Relationship Conversation itself is a 2 hour commitment during which participants talk about the specific events or issues from the past that still need to get worked through. Each participant will get the chance to both share how they have been impacted by the situation, as well as listen to the experience of their partner(s). The process ends with the creation of a tangible agreement between partners about what specifically needs to be done to heal the harm and move forward in the relationship.

Note: For partners that want to continue working with me after their initial RRC process is over, I offer shorter sessions at a reduced rate in order to accommodate busy schedules and fixed budgets. If interested, just leave me a message when booking your session.

 $175 – 1 hr. Consultation


 $250 – 2 hr. Restorative Relationship Conversation